Meet the Digital Storyteller.

Digital Storyteller.me is the business name of Mikey Leung, a WordPress consultant, video producer and travel journalist with matrix-like knowledge of the social media world. Mikey is a published author, and co-wrote the Bradt Travel Guide to Bangladesh. He’s also a social entrepreneur, and is the founder of new sustainable travel startup Crowdsourced Travel.


Low cost and open source are the hallmarks of my web design. I specialise in WordPress, an open source content management system used by millions of websites including CNN Traveller, the New York Times and hundreds of thousands of smaller websites around the world. Let me help you put the power of multimedia web publishing directly into your hands.
Backed by over a decade of cross-platform experience, I can design in online and offline environments with total fluency. Print-wise, I have designed brochures, books and magazines. In the multimedia realm, I have produced and edited videos, travel photography and websites for clients worldwide. Do your business a favour. Contact me and request a free design consultation today.
Photography is both a passion and a profession for me, as I started taking pictures well before digital cameras hit the market. My first camera was a Nikon FM, one of the sturdiest SLR cameras of its generation. After making the move to digital about five years ago, I managed to take my cameras to over a dozen countries. Today, photography is more of a hobby for me although I do run training courses and have held the occasional limited print run exhibitions, primarily of Bangladesh photography.
Given my extensive background in IT, travel and photography, feel free to contact me for more information. I am currently based in northern Australia but travel frequently to China, Bangladesh and Canada. I am also available on Skype and work frequently with clients in different time zones. Design consultations are of course, free of charge.


Live Below the Line Web Design

Live Below the Line WebsiteWebsite and Content Management System for Live Below the Line, an advocacy campaign asking Australians to live on less than $2 per day for one week. **Update: Last year’s campaign was such a success, they have scaled up the production of the website this year and gone international with the concept! Hence my design is no longer online.

Website Features | www.livebelowtheline.com
Music NT Online Strategy

Music NT WebsiteWebsite, Members’ forum and newsletter redesign for Music NT, the Northern Territory’s state-based music organisation. In under six weeks, I conceived and built the site, and followed up with comprehensive staff training.

Website Features | www.musicnt.com.au
Panigram.com Website

Panigram WebsiteIn Bangladesh, I was tasked with building a low cost website for Panigram, Bangladesh’s first sustainable luxury eco-resort and spa. The resort is currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2011.

Website Features | www.panigram.com

More samples are available upon request.


Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide by Mikey Leung & Belinda Meggitt, October 2009
Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel GuideAn authoritative gateway to the lesser-explored regions of Bangladesh, this guidebook offers greater coverage than any other to the Chittagong Hill Tracts, where 13 different ethnic groups live amid breezy hillside scenery, and to the world’s largest mangrove forest at the Sunderbans (where Bengal tigers occasionally chew on a human or two). Backed by a companion website with travel podcasts, interactive maps and regular updates.

Bradt Travel Guides | Bangladesh Traveller | Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk
Man-Eaters of Bengal, by Mikey Leung, May 2007

CNN Traveller Article“In Bangladesh, rumour has it that Royal Bengal tigers have acquired a taste for human flesh. Cyclones are to blame, so the story goes; the terrible storms sweep across the Bay of Bengal and send dozens of fishermen to a watery grave, their bodies later washing up on the region’s beaches where they become an easy and habit-inducing meal for tigers.”

Full Article
Plain Sailing, story by Mikey Leung, photos by Mikey Leung & GMB Akash, July 2009

Silk Road Cover July 2009“When Yves Marre gazed at the rivers of Bangladesh for the first time, what he saw convinced him never to leave. The intricate water network of the Ganges/Brahmaputra river system, one of the world’s largest river deltas, is home to a unique kind of boat craftsmanship little known in the West. Rural families in Bangladesh have built these wooden sailing vessels for centuries, with the tradition and technique passed orally from father to son.”

Full Article (PDF, 1MB) | Cover Photo by Mikey Leung (131KB, JPG) | Article Screenshot (151KB, JPG)

More samples are available upon request.


Cover of my bookQ: Who?

After several years of addling around Asia as a fly-by-night tour leader with Melbourne-based Intrepid Travel, Mikey decided it was finally time to start building a real careers in travel journalism and web design. In 2009, he authored Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide with Belinda Meggitt. Today he works as a professional web designer in Australia and struggles to find time to travel between his projects. And when he does manage to get his travelling boots on, he writes articles for clients such as CNN Traveller, Fah Thai Magazine and Silk Road. His latest project is to put his guidebook online at The Bangladesh Traveller.

Q: Where?

Mikey is a Canadian-born Chinese, who was raised in Calgary, Alberta (think of it as the Texas of Canada—oil, cowboys and big steaks). For the last decade he has been travelling in Asia, mostly in China, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Having witnessed the shocking effects of poverty and corruption in Cambodia, Mikey saw fit that he should spend some time saving the world and finished a volunteer posting as an IT Specialist in Bangladesh over 2006-2007. His main job was to fix machines ranging from desk-lamps to file servers and to build websites for a number of small Bangladeshi NGOs across the country. As one of Asia’s most populated and poorest nations, Bangladesh has had it rough, to say the least. He worked with the Bangladesh program office of VSO, a non-government organization that sends aid abroad in the form of skilled volunteers.

Mikey’s time as a volunteer is now over, thank Allah, but little did Mikey know that he was going to be in Bangladesh for the long haul. In July of 2007, Bradt Travel Guides decided to take him on as a guidebook writer to one of travel’s bleeding edges. In 2009, Bangladesh: The Bradt Travel Guide was published worldwide, and was Mikey’s first (and hopefully not only) book.

Q: Why?

Without letting this turn into a diatribe regarding the inherent inequalities of the current world economic model, there is no argument that the gap between the developed and less developed worlds is undeniable. VSO was unique in that it didn’t provide direct monetary aid to less developed countries, it provided skills training on the benefit of enthusiastic volunteers. Do you remember the old parable of teaching a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime? In the “developed world” we have all the opportunities we need on our doorstep. In other countries the cycle of poverty is nearly impossible to break. Mikey wants to be the change he wants to see. His vehicle: tourism.

Still more questions?

Feel free to contact me. Better yet, feel free to hire me for a freelance job!

By e-mail: mikeyleung DOT ca AT gmail.com.


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