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Dabbling in video

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

It’s been a long time since I’ve put together video for anybody—I consider myself only a dabbler and I already have more than enough technology to worry about. Trying to learn the specifics of video editing?? No thanks. iMovie HD will be fine for me.

As a result, it took me a couple weeks to put together this promotional video for the BNWLA Hostel Appeal, whose fundraising effort is being led by writer and musician Andrew Morris of I first found Andrew on the web, and was immediately moved by his emotional and artistic writing style. Here was a man writing heartfelt narratives on Bangladesh’s most tragic stories of abuse and survival. We hear these stories all the time, but after the headlines fade away what happens?

Andrew was determined to find out. His search led him to the Bangladesh National Womens’ Laywers’ Association (BNWLA), where he discovered that the worst of these victims have little options in terms of safety and security. He decided to do something, and that is what I find most inspirational above all.

After working in the NGO world for nine months now, I am convinced that there are many different fronts for tackling global poverty. No system is perfect and the dealing with the bureaucracy involved in administrating and monitoring such work is time consuming. Often it falls to the goodwill and hard work of selfless individuals to see projects forward. As an ICT volunteer in one of the world’s poorest countries, I think I have some perspective on this fact.

Hence, I wholeheartedly support Andrew’s work, and you can help by watching this video and taking the time to learn more. We need your support.

Bluenote @ BAGHAS, Dhaka

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Bluenote, composed of pianist Saad Chowdhury and saxophonist Andrew Morris, are attempting to climb what could be called the Mount Everest of individual fundraising goals.

Chowdhury and Morris at BAGHAS, May 3 2007
See more pictures here.

They want to raise £330,000 in support of the Bangaldesh National Women’s Lawyers’ Association (BNWLA), who wish to build a new hostel for some of Bangladesh’s worst human horror stories.

After the headlines are long gone, it is these women and child survivors of domestic slavery, attempted murders, abuse and exploitation, who need long term support and rehabilitation in a safe and educational environment. Because Bangladesh lacks a coherent social welfare system, it has fallen to individuals within the non-government organization sector to create such a space.

Morris is leading this charge.

I wholly support his efforts and will continue to do so where I can. But we need the support of others to climb this mountain. I encourage you to learn more where you can and support us with any donation, no matter how small or large. If nothing else, please tell others about this story of how the effort of dedicated individuals can and does create positive change.

Andrew Morris’ personal writing site:

The BNWLA Hostel appeal site:

Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association:

Bluenote Sound blogsite (info about upcoming performances)